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Water-4-Water is a charitable fund whereby Land & Water Pty Ltd donate a percentage of their commission earnings from Landmark Water sales to under privileged remote villages in Cambodia, these funds assist to install and supply fresh sanitised water for third world health

Michael created Water-4-Water as a charitable fund that assists the organisation Raise Cambodia, run by his brother William.

Life for the poor in Cambodia is very difficult. Cambodia has the second lowest life expectancy in East Asia. Much of this can be attributed to water. In Cambodia 40% of the poor have no access to clean water. They are forced to use water from stagnant pools or rubbish filled rivers & canals.

Disease caused by the polluted water can be terminal in the young and elderly. Illness caused by contaminated water also prevents the parents from working, trying to feed their families is a daily struggle for them. 

For a donation of $250 you can transform the life of a family by enabling us to provide them with a water bore and filtration system which gives them access to clean water for cooking, washing and possibly the ability to establish a vegetable garden to aid them on the road to self sufficiency. 


Be a life changer today for as little as $250.

For further information on how you can assist visit   www.raisecambodia.org.au 

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